super smash bros rumble

Mushroom Kingdom Series



This red plumber is coming back in his 4th super smash bros game and is nintendo's main icon.

Specials: B=FireBall Side B=Cape Up B=Super Jump Punch Down B=F.L.U.D.D.

Final smash: Mario Finale


This green plumber is the brother of mario and his sidekick as well. Wow, How many things can he be?

Specials: B=Fireball Side B=Green Missile Up B=Super Jump Punch Down B=Luigi Cyclone

Final smash: Negative Zone



This princess has had Mario save her so many times I cant count but she is not just a princess but a fighter as well

Specials: B=Toad Side B= Beach Bomber Up B=Peach Parasol Down B=Vegetable

Final Smash: Peach Blossum


      This fire breathing turtle has been Mario's mortal enemy and will not rest until he has beatin Mario and taken Princess Peach as his trophie.

Specials: B=Fire Breath Side B=Flying Slam Up B=Whirling Fortress Down B=Bowser Bomb

Final Smash: Giga Bowser

5.Bowser Jr.

This small turtle is bowser's son and just like his dad his only task is to capture princess peach.

Specials: B=Fire Breath Side B=Hammer Smash Up B=Whirling Fortress Down B=Transform

Final Smash: Bowser's Fleet

5.Shadow  Mario

shadowmario.jpg Shadow Mario image by Kingz_Eric

Shadow  Mario, the alternate form  of bowser Jr. Use his globs of deadly paint to devastate your enemy.

Specials: B=Paint Ball Side B=Glob Up B=Paint Glide Down B=Transform

Final Smash: Pirahna Plant Frenzy


ssbb_toad.jpg Toad in brawl image by Scweeb64

This small mushroom person is the random guy who appears in almost every mario game

Specials: B=Steam Attack Side B=Toad Sumersault Up B=Toad Leap Down B=Veggie Pluck

Final Smash: Mushroom Floats


KoopaTroopa.jpg Koopa Troopa image by saajawea

Koopa The plain easy simple to defete enemy in the mario series, well dont say that about him anymore because hes a full fledged character now.

Specials: B=Tornado Shell Side B=Shell Attack Up B=Winged Koopa Down B=Shell Guard

Final Smash: Shell Shocker



gaz's favorite doll, possesed by ♥♪!? to assist mario in search of the seven stars.

Specials: B=Geno Beam Side B=Geno Whirl Up B=Lifeless Escape Down B=Geno Blast

Final Smash: Geno Flash

sonic series 


This blue hedgehog is super fast and ready to beat his arch rival Dr. Eggman.

Specials:B=Homing Attack Side B=Spin Dash Up B=Spring Jump Down B=Spin Charge

Final Smash: Super Sonic


knucklesofsupersmashbrosbrawlmod-1.jpg Knuckles in super smsh bros brawl image by carbon510

Knuckles is Sonic's friend and is pretty much the tough guy on the team.

specials: B=Power Punch Side B=Piercing Skull Up B=Fist Uppercut Down B=Rock Slam

final smash:Chaos Attack


tailsinbrawl.jpg Tails image by cop941234

Tails is a mechaniccal genuis and is also one of sonics best friends.

specials: B=Blaster Gun Side B=Chaos Dig Up B=Tail Spin Down B=Spin Dash

final smash: The Tornado


ShadowInBrawl.png Shadow In Brawl image by roxasdie

A dark hedgehog android made by dr robatnick's grandfather and the power of the chaos emerald, he was tricked by eggman to destroy Sonic but now he is his rival/buddy.

Specials: B=Gun Side B=Spin Dash Up B=Teleport Down B=Chaos Spear

Final Smash: Chaos Control

pokemon series


This yellow pokemon has been Ash's friend for years and is ready to rumble.

Specials: B=Thunder Jolt Side B=Skull Bash Up B=Quick Attack Down B=Thunder

Final Smash: Volt Tackle


This pink pokemon is a realy good singer that you fall asleap whenever she sings, so be prepared for whenever you fight her.

Specials: B=Rollout Side B=Pound Up B=Sing Down B=Rest

Final Smash: Puff Up


Specials: B=Aura Sphere Side B=Force Palm Up B=ExtremeSpeed Down B=Double Team

Final Smash: Aura Storm

16.Pokemon Trainer

This guy has three diffrent pokemon on his side, so dont mess with him.

Specials: B= Side B= Up B= Down B=

Final Smash: Triple Finish


This pokemon is from outer space and came to earth in seach of his friend the other Deoxys.

Specials: B=Hyper Beam Side B=Dash Attack Up B=Swift Down B=Defend

Final Smash:Deoxys Swarm

The legend of zelda series



This heroic swordsman is ready to conquer any monster and ready to save his princess zelda.

Specials: B=Hero's Bow Side B=Gale Boomerang Up B=Spin Attack Down B=Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash


Zelda the princess of the legend of zelda series, But She has proved herself worthy to be a fighter too.

Specials: B=Nayru's Love Side B=Din's Fire Up B=Farore's Wind Down B=Transform

Final Smash: Light Arrow


In the legend of zelda Oricana of time Zelda discises herself into what we call Sheik so that Ganondorf cant find her.

Specials: B=Needle Storm Side B=Chain Up B=Vanish Down B=Transform

Final Smash: Light Arrow



Specials: B=Hero's Bow Side B=Boomerang Up B=Spin Attack Down B=Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash


Specials: B=Warlock Punch Side B=Flame Choke Up B=Dark Dive Down B=Wizard's Foot

Final Smash: Ganon Beast

22. Wolf Link

Link captured by the darkness and turned into a wolf.

Specials: B=Howl Side B=Bite Up B=Midna Tether Down B=Dig

Final Smash:Homing Destruction

DK series 

23.Donkey Kong

This gorila is always fighting for bananas, I guess you could say hes crazy for bananas.

Specials: B=Giant Punch Side B=Head Butt Up B=Spinning Kong Down B=Hand Slap

Final Smash: Konga Beat

24.Diddy Kong


Specials: B=Peanut Popgun Side B=Monkey Flip Up B=Rocketbarrel Boost Down B=Banana Peel

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage

Metroid series 


This highly armored girl is ready to rock in her 4th super smash bros game.

Specials: B=Charge Shot Side B=Missile Up B=Screw Attack Down B=Bomb

Final Smash: Zero Laser

25.Zero Suite Samus

Specials: B=Paralyzer Side B=Plasma Whip Up B=Plasma Wire Down B=Flip Jump

Final Smash:Power Suit Samus


Specials: B= Side B= Up B= Down B=

Final Smash:

Star fox series 


Specials: B=Blaster Side B=Fox Illusion Up B=Fire Fox Down B=Reflector

Final Smash: Landmaster


Specials: B=Blaster Side B=Falco Phantasm Up B=Fire Bird Down B=Reflector

Final Smash: Landmaster

29. Kyrstal 

SF.jpg krystal in brawl image by Nintendofreak1O6

Specials: B= Side B= Up B= Down B=

Final Smash:

Kirby series


This pink puff ball can inhale his enemys and use their attacks against them.

Specials: B=Inhale Side B=Hammer Up B=Final Cutter Down B=Stone

Final Smash: Cook Kirby


Specials: B=Mach Tornado Side B=Drill Rush Up B=Shuttle Loop Down B=Dimensional Cape

Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness

32.King Dedede

This greedy king is always trying to stop kirby from whatever he is doing.

Specials: B=Inhale Side B=Waddle Dee Throw Up B= Super Dedede JumpDown B=Jet Hammer

Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army

Yoshi's Island Series


Thos green dinosaur has been the character that mario always is riding on, poor yoshi.

Specials: B=Egg Lay Side B=Egg Roll Up B=Egg Throw Down B=Yoshi Bomb

Final Smash: Super Dragon


specials: B= Side B= Up B= Down B=

Final smashes:


Specials: B= Side B= Up B= Down B=

Final Smash:

F-Zero Series 

36.Captain Falcon 

The high speed racer is fast and furios and ready to fight.

Specials: B=Falcon Punch Side B=Raptor Boost Up B=Falcon Dive Down B=Falcon Kick

Final Smash: Blue Falcon

Mother Earth Series 


Specials: B=PK Flash Side B=PK Fire Up B=PK Thunder Down B=PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK Starstorm


Specials: B=PK Freeze Side B=PK Fire Up B=PK Thunder Down B=PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK Starstorm

 Fire Emblem Series


Specials: B=Shield Breaker Side B=Dancing Blade Up B=Dolphin Slash Down B=Counter 

Final Smash: Critical Hit


Specials: B=Eruption Side B=Quick Draw Up B=Aether Down B=Counter

Final Smash: Great Aether


Specials: B= Side B= Up B= Down B=

Final smash:

Wario Ware Series



Wario is the opposite of Mario hits the name Wario and is ready to rumble.

Specials:B= Chomp Side B=Wario Bike Up B=Corkscrew Down B=Wario Waft

Final Smash: Wario-Man


WaluigiPlayableinbrawl.jpg Waluigi in Brawl image by Magiciandude9

Waluigi is the character who pretty much ends up in all the mario sport games, tennis, soccer, racing, ect, But now its time to introduce him to a new sport, fighting.

specials: B= Side B= Up B= Down B=

Final Smash:

Kid Icarus Series 



Specials: B=Palutena's Arrow Side B=Angel Ring Up B=Wings of Icarus Down B=Mirror Shield

Final Smash: Palutena's army

 Ice Climbers Series 

45.Ice climbers

Specials: B=Ice Shot Side B=Squall Hammer Up B=Belay Down B=Blizzard

Final Smash: Iceberg

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